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For schools, libraries, teen programs, youth groups, camps and college groups. Each may include a reading from the book and a book signing. Ask for details about other events, including working with multiple groups, half-day workshops, young author’s conferences and TEENWrite live action role-playing.

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Author Talks

Finding the Real Me

“Though Brigitta in The Summer of No Regrets, hides the ‘real she,’ she’s still more self-possessed than I was as a teen,” admits Katherine Grace Bond. “But I did eventually find the ‘real Katherine,’ and I’ve learned a few things about going from fake to real.”

Following the Mystery

I want the Great Cosmic Mystery to let me climb on its back.

The Summer of No Regrets, p. 3

“Why did I write a book about a girl searching for ultimate truth?” asks Katherine Grace Bond. “Because that’s my story; I’m always trying to touch the sun.” The author of The Summer of No Regrets shares a bit of her own eclectic spiritual history.

How (and Why) to be an Outsider

We are not meant to be indoors all the time, as Katherine Grace Bond realized while sitting indoors writing The Summer of No Regrets. “Because we are made of star stuff and nourished by the atmosphere of this planet, we suffer from the layers that separate us from the earth—roof, walls, foundation, floorboards, carpet, shoes, socks. To step barefoot out the door and into the dirt is to find ourselves once more.”

How to Speak Publish: How Teens Can Get Their Work in Print

What’s a cover letter? What’s important about word count? Who publishes work by teens? Katherine shows young authors how to begin approaching their work as professionals so that they can experience publication now.

Jump-Start Your Novel OR Of Course You Can Write a Novel!

Do you have a novel-in-progress that needs a good jolt of electricity? A manuscript sitting in a drawer that you’ll get back to “someday?” A novel in your mind that has not made its way to the page? In this workshop you will find connections between character and plot that will surprise you – and get your book moving.

Where Do You Get Your Ideas, How Much Money Do You Make, and Do You Know J.K. Rowling?

Katherine Grace Bond talks to students about the writing life, including how The Summer of No Regrets went from idea to publication. Come with lots of questions.

Why We Crave Fame

“I didn’t want to admit how much the idea of a celebrity-in-hiding intrigued me,” says Katherine Grace Bond about The Summer of No Regrets. “But as I read through stacks of People and Star and Us (which is a lot like eating sugar cubes all day long), I started to wonder what the deal is about fame. Why does it fascinate us? What does it mean to us to be ‘known’?”

Writing the Hidden Story

Characters live and breathe because of a hidden story — one the writer must go deep within to find. Katherine Grace Bond shares the hidden story that prompted The Summer of No Regrets. (Also available as a workshop. See below.)

Teachers, Parents and Homeschoolers

Bring out the Author in Your Child (for parents of younger children)

Children are natural storytellers and explainers-of-things-interesting. Yet sometimes writing is the most challenging subject. How can you help your child find his or her “hidden author?” Learn hands-on techniques you can use with your child to get the words flowing.

Teachers as Writers

You’ve thought of writing creatively; one day you’ll publish a book – when you get some time. But right now all your creative energy must go to your students. What if you being a writer is exactly what your students need? Writing is one of the most critical skills developed in school. Author and TEENWrite founder Katherine Grace Bond discusses how teachers who practice the writing process know secrets that can’t be discovered any other way. (Also available as a workshop. See below.)

Writing with Teens

Hands-On Events

Book Club

Read The Summer of No Regrets with your book club. (Don’t have a book club? Time to start one! Talk to your teacher, librarian or bookseller.) Meet together when you’re done, and Katherine Grace Bond will lead the discussion. (Discussion questions in the back of the book can be a jumping-off point. After that, who knows?)

Celebrity Party*

Dress up and come as a celebrity or a paparazzo to this Summer of No Regrets event, featuring author Katherine Grace Bond. Make sure you bring a camera for photo ops. Best costumes will be posted on thesummerofnoregrets.com.

(Author will provide “red carpet.” If possible, a live feed of the event will be posted online.)


Bring fanfic to share, and write some more!
Bring your own fanfic, on whatever you want, to share with the group. Then create some SUMMER OF NO REGRETS fanfic. The best entries will be posted on thesummerofnoregrets.com and Teenfire.ning.com.

The Mystical Whatever-it-is

Mom and Dad never gave me and Mallory a religion. Being good flower children, they told us to choose our own paths. Mallory chose psychology at UC Berkeley. It’s not a religion, but it allows her to know everything.

The Summer of No Regrets, p. 32

In The Summer of No Regrets, Brigitta is searching for what her best friend calls “the mystical whatever-it-is you’re after.” Spirituality and religion are rarely talked about among people who might disagree, but most of us think about them at least a little. Author Katherine Grace Bond would love to hear your thoughts. Join us for a lively and honest discussion with the following ground rules:

  1. No agendas.
  2. No spiritual “one-upmanship.”
  3. Everyone gets a chance to talk.

(Local spiritual and religious leaders may also be invited for a roundtable discussion if the venue would like. Please arrange far enough in advance that either the venue or the author can issue these invitations.)

Screen Test*

“Audition” for The Summer of No Regrets using scripts taken directly from the book. The best auditions will be posted on The Summer of No Regrets YouTube channel and on thesummerofnoregrets.com.

Take a Chance on Your Summer of No Regrets*

Feeling brave? Draw a card. Let luck and your own imagination dare you to try something you’ve never done before. If you follow through, send a picture to thesummerofnoregrets.com, where the coolest pix will be posted. This could be your best summer ever!

Interviewing a student’s story character


Finding what is Lost*

“How could death and life be sisters like that?”

The Summer of No Regrets, p. 48

In The Summer of No Regrets, Brigitta grieves the loss of the person who knew her best. When you lose someone it seems like there’s no way to find them ever again. But creating something can be a different way of finding. Join us on a kind of “inner treasure hunt” using collage and/or poems to rediscover what has been lost. If you can, bring a significant object that reminds you of that person.

Poetry: Open Mic 101

Are you a poet with a shy streak? Have you got notebooks of poems, just dying to be heard? Do you want to write and read your work aloud with confidence?

If you’ve been curious about performing your work at open mic, and you want to learn how to beat those butterflies, this is the workshop for you. Poet and author Katherine Grace Bond will lead you through writing and reading exercises that will get your pen jumping and your heart thumping (but in a good way!) (Minimum two hours)

Poetry and Healing

Poetry taps into the senses, clarifies emotions, and reinvents memories. It brings up forgotten things and gives us permission to question our experience—even to demand answers. Using exercises such as “The Artifacts of Longing,” “Playing with Opposites,” and “Poetic Conversations,” discover poetry’s transformative potential.

Poetry: The Sacred Moment

Poetry has the power to reveal mysteries — things you didn’t know you knew. Uncover the energy of the aptly chosen word. Through poetry immersion, private meditation and group reflection, you will unlock personal languages, ancient symbols and the power of paradox.

Poetry: Stolen

“Bad poets borrow; good poets steal.”
T.S. EliotSteal titles, lines, rhythm and images from famous and not-so-famous writing. Pilfer prose! Abscond with imagery! Thieve theme! And make your own poem.

Teachers as Writers (for teachers and homeschoolers)

You’ve thought of writing creatively; one day you’ll publish a book – when you get some time. But right now all your creative energy must go to your students. What if you being a writer is exactly what your students need? Writing is one of the most critical skills developed in school. A teacher who practices the writing process knows secrets that can’t be discovered any other way. Come give life to your stories in this hands-on workshop and watch your students’ writing come to life. (Available for clock hours with two months advance notice)


At EPIC events, you come as a character you create and follow the Hero’s Journey in a giant outdoor role-playing game. After each stage of the journey, you stop and write what happened to you. By the end, everyone has a story: you are in their stories and they are in yours.

EPIC overnights take place quarterly, including a four-day summer camp. TEENWrite EPIC can also be adapted for your organization:

Our TEENWrite team uses costumes, props and audience interaction to incite impromptu story creation followed by enthusiastic bouts of writing. An engaging and innovative way to help students learn story structure and become more comfortable with writing.

(Minimum 3 hours.)


WRITE Workshops focus on all aspects of novel-writing including idea, plot, characterization, setting, scene-writing, research, revision and publication. Six-week after school classes take place quarterly in the Woodinville area, and the Teenage Novelist program at Bellevue College covers the same material during the summer. TEENWrite WRITE workshops can also be brought directly to your organization. (Minimum 2 hours.)

The Art of Becoming

What do actors and writers share in common? They become their characters. Use acting techniques to discover a character. Then pick up a pen and see what that character has to say!

Writing the Hidden Story

Characters live and breathe because of a hidden story — one a writer must go deep within to find. Discover a story you didn’t know you were writing.

Be an Outsider

Stuck inside? What better place to talk books and writing than outside under the sky! Join author Katherine Grace Bond at [an outdoor location at or near your venue] for [any of the above presentations.]

*For some events a free, signed copy of the book may be offered as a prize for the best story, costume, screen test, etc.