The Summer of No Regrets Book Trailer!!

Thanks to voiceover actress and model Michelle Weidner, actor Aaron Bond, photographer Andrew Bond, and Ryan Schmidt of Moon Rock Creative for scripting, directing and production magic!


  1. Emmy says:

    I just finished reading The Summer of No Regrets and I absolutely LOVED IT<3!!! I thought it was so amazing-the best book I have read in a while and I do read a lot. I wanted to ask if there will be a sequel because that would be so amazing I would love to read more about Luke and Brigitta!

  2. katherine says:

    Hi Emmy! So delighted you liked it. At the moment, there is not a sequel planned, but if you’d like to read more about Luke and Brigitta, message me (under “contact”) and I have a secret link for you.

  3. Emmy says:

    I would LOVE to read more about Luke and Brigitta I will do that right now THANK YOU SO SO SOOO VERY MUCH:)!!! Sorry I did not do it earlier, I was traveling and could not check if you replied:( Thanks:)

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