Another Off-The-Cuff Poem

I’ll have to be careful, or I’ll end up making a habit of this lack of revision… Chasing Joy What ifElusive joy slidLike silk under myFront door and out, across the dandelionedGrass, downThe steps past the pumphouse, over the horse-tracked mud,Where it stopped and bolted suddenlyUp a Doug fir trunk,Wound itself around the tenth-highest branch, […]

Why I Do What I Do

goofy face

Sometimes I hear myself saying that my life is “stressful” or “overwhelming.” My task list marches relentlessly through my Outlook calendar and I think I am unhappy about this. Last week, though, I began to pay attention to my life – to try and notice why I do what I do: Monday: Come home from […]


I have not been doing NaPoWriMo because I haven’t had time. But this lack of poems is giving me a kind of malaise. So here’s one off-the-cuff. It KILLS me not to revise. But if I don’t begin writing poems again, I shall go mad, so sacrifices have to be made. I have no time […]

Bodacious Mystery Galpal Tells All: Chapter 1

I thought I’d give you a sneak peek at my YA novel Bodacious Mystery Galpal Tells All. (Please note that this material is copyrighted and includes PG-13 content.) CELEB’ MAGAZINE Trentmobile CrunchedTeen superstar Trent Yves was less than friendly when caught on film after his beloved green Mini-Cooper crashed into a wall of the LA […]