Book Banning or "You Can’t Come to My Party" and other Awkward Moments

With the rescinding of Ellen Hopkins’ key to the Teen Lit Festival in Humble, Texas, some lively writer-chat has been taking place. Deemed too controversial AFTER she was asked to keynote, Ellen received an “Oops! Disregard that invite,” when a district librarian brought a handful of parental complaints to the superintendent. Following Ellen’s dis-invitation, authors Pete Hautman, […]

TELL ME A SECRET Book Trailer Launch Party!!

TellmeSecret cover

My friend, the fabulous and talented Holly Cupala has just released her debut novel TELL ME A SECRET. I love this book! I heard it in installments as it was being written, and found it moving and authentic then. Reading it in its published form was a thrill — and, yes, it made me cry. […]