Truly Awful Stories #2

Here is the second in our series–in which we see more of the awfulness a writer can achieve if she truly applies herself. Night of Endless Sadnessby Sapphire Hotlips (also known as Marie Guenette)                   How could he betray me like this? Oh sorrow, great sorrow! My heart is broken, I feel empty, like […]

Truly Awful Stories #1

Beginning with the idea that good writing comes from bad writing, my students in Teenage Novelist were challenged to write the worst story ever. I’ll be posting the results, beginning today. The Story of How I Single-Handedly Fended Off A Zombie Attack by Ban L., a.k.a Stormy D. L. B. M. M. Graves (also known […]



I’m thinking about journeys tonight, as I get ready for a drive to Yellowstone. And I’m thinking about the journeys we take in our relationships. Sometimes, as a parent, my journey has been about saying good-bye and allowing for the journey of one of my children. I ran across this poem as I was planning […]