Analyze That!

Another poem, discovered as I was packing. Evidently, I had to include certain words, chosen by the audience, hence, “the niceties of samosas and ivory smiles.” What does it all mean? The Snoqualmie River   Baptism You have arrived at the place where the water turns south, the place where you dispense with the niceties […]

This is Not a Poem

This Is not a poem, so don’t go thinking it is. Poems are loaded with similes like peach trees in August and metaphor~ a naked man running. But this is not one, so don’t bother analyzing it, writing exams about it, or pretending to understand it

Analyze This!

Found a bunch of somewhat-weird poems I’d never typed up. Here’s one. No idea what I was thinking when I wrote it, so have at it: Jack The day I stumbled into the house you built, it was a labyrinth— Chinese boxes or Russian dolls, each growing smaller until I disappear. You can get lost […]