The Importance of “Off-Stage” Writing: 5 Ways to Use a Secret Journal

You’ve just taken Pamela Protagonista, rebel goth girl, through the perils of cheerleader camp where she has scored a victory over Amanda Antagonistella, who was not as good at karaoke as she thought. The Final Showdown is twenty chapters away and you have no idea why Pamela would go to Kennebunkport nor how she will […]

Book Spine Poem

The challenge was to make a poem from book titles. I had a hard time getting the light right on the photo, so here’s what it says: Lies That Bind Kindred Tarnished The One-Way Bridge, Leaving Everything Most Loved. *     *     * When We Wake The The Raging Quiet, Amity and Sorrow Stay Listening Against […]

Spring Vampire Mating Ritual

Sabrina Lowney, who is one of my TEENWriters wrote this, and I just had to share. Sparkly vampires are actually kind of genius. I mean, Stephanie Meyer took vampires and morphed them into the birds of paradise of the monster world. Can you imagine a short story about sparkly vampires written as though it were […]