Ekphrastic Poem–“Mountain (Relievo)” after Cris Brodahl

  Mountain (Relievo)   And when you climb, Anticipate the weight Of the journey— Rope, pick, Pack, piton— Consider The deceptiveness of glaciers, The hut you never reach, the gorge That takes you, without warning, To the bosom of the earth.   Don’t ask yourself Why you are here— You know.   You are encumbered […]

A Wizard, a Rock Star and an Alchemist Walk Into a Parallel Universe

And here’s what to do if you find yourself in such a situation: A) If you are the wizard  Realize that this is probably your fault.  However, if you are a somewhat unstable wizard, seek similarly unstable companion-wizards. A consortium of this kind tends to wake up sleeping orcs, which will alleviate boredom.  Once you’ve […]