3 Ways to Coax Secrets out of Your Characters

  Marvin Whickpucket refuses to behave. When you want him to defeat the evil Onchnu, he won’t. Instead, he sits on the couch, surfs cable and eats potato skins. “This is boring!” you tell him. “Why are you acting this way?” “I miss Ilandra,” he says. “We had a fight. She said we were through.” […]

In a Writing Rut? Steal from Another Author (but not really.)

I don’t know about you, but after years of writing, I notice that I get into a stylistic rut. As I have mentioned before on this blog, the solution is theft. Today I’m going to steal from author Janet Lee Carey, creator of Dragon’s Keep, The Beast of Noor, Dragonswood and many other books. This […]

Six Annoying Statements Adults Make to Teen Writers

I list these to educate and enlighten: Don’t be that guy. 1) “You should find something else to supplement that–like math!”–Submitted by Sydney 2) “Oh, I would like to read that!” *never does*–Submitted by Emily 3) “Oh! That sounds just like (insert famous story/movie by other author)!”–Submitted by Robbie 4) “Empire State Building should be […]