Talking to Your Characters–Give Them a “Dear Character” Column

Dear Character, Twelve and a half weeks ago I loaned my best friend a set of “Cooking with Salt” DVDs, which were a gift from my former best friend. I have asked her every week if she is done with them. Seven weeks ago, my boyfriend began cooking everything with salt.  He said he was […]

A Word on Risk

  “You built some dandy walls That held back the fire And the barbs But also the heat And the fruit That make it worth the suffering The wind will blow through the remains Of your fortress And that mournful noise Will be all the eulogy you are entitled” ©2014 Shane Guthrie (excerpt from a […]

Game of Poems

Dancing on the Razor’s Edge You speak in riddles because You ache to speak. You ache for space To expand and contract. You cast your words into the chasm, To be caught by one Whose breathing holds your breath.   When your foot finds the brink You ask the air Questions. © 2013 Katherine Grace […]