An Interview with Author Lois Brandt + teen writing with Lois at Bellevue College

Photo by Meryl Schenker One of the cool things about taking teen writing at Bellevue College, is working with a published author. Lois Brandt (who is certifiably awesome) teaches Writing Short Stories in the Teenage Novelist program. Students rave about her classes, which have included the “Write a Novel in 30 Days” class she usually […]

Character Mashup–“Maybe Dats Your Pwoblem, Too”

This poem, by Jim Hall, is one of my favorite mashups, and I often read it in Talking to Your Characters and in Teen Poets at Bellevue College.   To see Jim Hall’s take on his poem, as well as the entire poem printed out, go here. Another game to try! Do one OR MORE […]