Scene-Weaving Challenge!

The Challenge 1. Take the given elements and smoothly combine them in a scene (or part of a scene). 2. Paste your scene in the comments, then change one element for the next commenter. (e.g. “still locked in the cabin, but now it’s noon the next day,” or “setting changed to an island,” or “ship […]

Scene Weaving Class, and The Sleepwalker’s Guide to Dancing

When her father begins having conversations with dead relatives, photographer Amina Eapen returns to her parents’ home in Albequerque, and a past she has been running from. Confronted with memories of a childhood visit to India and the tragedy that resulted, and of the brother nobody talks about, Amina wants nothing more than to get […]

April Fool!

April Fool! If you want to write a Young Adult novel, try this: YA Novel Writing: Captivating the Teen Reader The Young Adult book market is in a state of rapid growth, as teens devour “relatable” reads and hunt for more. Publishers are searching for writers who know how to hit the right note for […]

Four Types of Teen Writer + New Spring Classes for Teens AND Adults!

Teen writers are a diverse bunch. Not all of them even know they are writers. I’ve met all of the following writers in my programs, and I’ve seen the light go on in their eyes when they come to own their writing. Can’t-Stop-Writing-Rita When I can’t write, I go into withdrawal. I live in my […]