Wordless Times


I lost my father in July. Then in August, my husband underwent a high-risk surgery. And then last week, I had surgery to determine whether I have cancer. (It looks like I do not.) Now everything that has always felt certain is entirely up for grabs. We have been so well-loved and supported by friends and family that I am not frantic or filled with dread. In fact, the time feels distilled.

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Analyze That!

Another poem, discovered as I was packing. Evidently, I had to include certain words, chosen by the audience, hence, “the niceties of samosas and ivory smiles.” What does it all mean?

The Snoqualmie River


You have arrived at the place where the water turns south,
the place where you dispense with the niceties of samosas and ivory smiles.
It is the tertiary question that will hopscotch you to the truth.

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