Teen Classes–Writing, Acting, and LARP


Bellevue College, North Campus, Redmond, WA

Here’s what a student has to say: I’m going to be completely honest. The BC Summer Teen Classes are quite literally the highlight of my summer. Every year. Without fail. That probably sounds a little strange, but hear me out.  I’ve been taking Katherine Bond’s Teen Novelist classes at BC for three years now and …(keep reading)

Teenage Novelist: The Novel in a Nutshell 

9:00 –noon, Monday to Friday, July 9-13,

Do you become offended when your friends ask whether Marvin Whickpucket is a real person? Obviously he’s real; he’s in your novel. So are the 43 space-time portals which can be accessed only by eating waffles. If this makes sense to you, we’re here to help. Novel-in-a-Nutshell will launch your idea or help you find one, or get that manuscript you’re stuck on back in action. We’ll discover where the best ideas come from, and do an overview of plot structure, characterization, and scene-writing. Each class allows for hands-on exercises based on your work-in-progress and time for group critique.

Teenage Novelist: Talking To Your Characters 

9:00 –noon, Monday to Friday, July 16-20

Marvin Whickpucket refuses to behave. When you want him to defeat the evil Onchnu, he won’t. Instead, he sits on the couch, surfs cable and eats potato skins. “This is boring!” you tell him. “Why are you acting this way?” “I miss Illandra,” he says. “We had a fight. She said we were through.” “Why didn’t you TELL me?” you say, incredulous. Marvin shrugs. “You never asked.” Learn how to deepen your story by listening to your characters. By the end of the week, you may find you’ve become Marvin. You may even start craving waffles. Each class allows for hands-on exercises and time for group critique.

Writer’s Intensive 

9:00 – 4:00 Monday to Thursday; 9:00-12:00 Friday (4 1/2 days) July 23-27

Are you a fiction writer, poet, blogger, songwriter or I-don’t-know-what-to-call-this writer? Come sit in the sun, read, laugh, and write! We’ll show you techniques for coaxing secrets out of your characters, untangling unwieldy plots, getting to the heart of your poem or story, and making your words sing. If you want to share your work (and it’s okay if you don’t), we’re here to listen and offer feedback in the safe, supportive community we create together.

Acting: Becoming the Character*

9:00-noon, Monday to Friday, July 9-13

To create distinctive characters for the stage, you must ask questions: How is this character different from me? How do they move? What do they sound like? What is their background? This class will include improv, monologue, and individual coaching.

*Taught by actor Andrew Bond


(Epicwrite is not affiliated with Bellevue College)

Epicwrite offers Storycraft classes for teens and adults, as well as live-action roleplaying and writing events. Find out more at www.epicwrite.org

Epicwrite Adventure LARPING Weekend

Fri-Sun, May 4-6, Acceptance: A Transformational Place, Rochester, WA

Epicwrite is partnering with Asperger Experts for an exciting adventure weekend!

At this ages 11 and up family camping event, your character will be introduced around a roaring fire. This is where your journey begins. In the morning you will set out on your quest and weave a story of old magic and fantasy following the Hero’s Journey. Families are encouraged to attend together, as well as friends. Those under sixteen must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Bring your own tent, food and camping supplies! (While Katherine is not in charge of this event, she will be there!) Register at https://www.findacceptance.be