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NOTE: high school students may enroll only with instructor permission.


Epicwrite Adventure LARPING Weekend

Fri-Sun, August 17-19, Acceptance: A Transformational Place, Rochester, WA

Epicwrite is partnering with Asperger Experts for an exciting adventure weekend!

At this ages 11 and up family camping event, your character will be introduced around a roaring fire. This is where your journey begins. In the morning you will set out on your quest and weave a story of old magic and fantasy following the Hero’s Journey. Families are encouraged to attend together, as well as friends. Those under sixteen must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Bring your own tent, food and camping supplies! (While Katherine is not in charge of this event, she will be there!)

Monday-Friday, 9:00-12:00, August 6-10, North Seattle College

Do you love to fall into a book and feel like you are there? In this class you will learn how to “draw a setting around yourself” using mindful focus, artifacts, and actual settings. Historical writers: “time travel,” using your research to transform your surroundings. Fantasy and science-fiction writers: translate your world-building into reality on the page. Contemporary writers: inhabit your heroes’ lives in a way that invites readers to live alongside them. While some work will be done in the classroom, we will also take several field trips to evocative locations within easy driving distance of North Seattle College.

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