Third Annual “Full-Bodied Writer”

Summer Retreat

June 29 – July 1, 2018

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When the writing is authentic, readers know it in their bones.

The practice of Deep Characterization gives you a path to the heart of your story,

a connection point between your center and the center of your character.

 Authors Katherine Grace Bond and Janet Lee Carey and actor Andrew Bond invite you to approach your characters, plot and setting from the inside.

Enter your story through the practice of Deep Characterization

A professional massage therapist will provide a relaxing massage (included in retreat cost,)

Katherine and Janet will offer one-on-one manuscript consultation.


2017 SCHEDULE (2018 retreat will begin at 2:00)


4:00-5:30 Check in

6:00 Dinner

7:00 Craft Session: Climbing Inside Your Character (Katherine Grace Bond, Janet Lee Carey)

How do authors create memorable characters that feel authentically human, alive and real to the reader? It starts with willingness to step inside our character’s skin. In this session, you’ll learn ways to embody your characters through guided meditation and journaling. Gentle body movements used by actors will help you access character emotions as you prepare to write a scene. Your discoveries will enable you to express the kind of authentic emotions that create a strong reader connection.

9:00 Sharing of Work


8:30 Breakfast

9:15 Craft Session: What Your Character Carries (Janet Lee Carey)

A fully fleshed-out character enters the story with specific passions, loves, hates, fears and a strong personality shaped by past experiences. In this session, you will uncover key dramatic moments that made your character who they are. You will feel what it’s like to carry the weight of their past on your back, the painful memories that slow them down, the joyous ones that still energize them. By exploring early bonds and betrayals, you will know why they walk, talk, curse and dream the way they do. You will better understand the subconscious motivations that drive them to make all the decisions (good and bad) that affect your plot.

10:45 Free time: write/relax/make art/massages/consultations 

12:00 lunch 

12:45 Craft Session: The Actor’s Art for Writers—Distinctive Characters (Andrew Bond)

Discover what your body can teach you about your characters, and how their speech, stance, locomotion, gestures, facial expressions and mood are drawn from their backstory. You’ll develop a physical “profile” for three of your characters and then translate each to the page.

2:45 Free time: write/relax/make art/massages/consultations 

6:00 Dinner 

7:00-9:30 Sharing of Work. Group Reflection 


8:30 Breakfast

9:15 Craft Session: Crossing the Threshold (Katherine Grace Bond)

In this session you will find a secret location on the grounds and “translate” it into a story setting where your character will solve a mystery. Bring your character, a notebook, and your wits—or, preferably, your character’s wits.

11:00 Closing
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Check Out


Janet Lee Carey

Janet brings seventeen years of publishing experience to the retreat. We’ll look at writing from the inside out, linking childhood experiences to present emotions and subconscious motivations. We’ll use active movement to embody scenes and meditation to enter deeper into our characters. Janet is an award-winning author of ten books for children and teens including In the Time of Dragon Moon.

Katherine Grace Bond

Katherine brings her actor training, as well as her many years of publishing and teaching. When working on a book, she lives deeply inside it, often having conversations with her characters. This year, she is excited to explore how our hidden story impacts our fiction, and how periods of intense concentration can not only fuel productivity, but create powerfully Deep Characterization.

Andrew Bond

Andrew brings us his experience of stage acting  and historical reenactment with the Brotherhood of Oceanic Mercenaries (B.O.O.M) performing at Renaissance Faires and pirate festivals up and down the West Coast.  Also a writer, Andrew looks forward to showing you how body position, movement, and voice affect the psychology of characterization, whether on the boards or on the page.

Rene Pinkham, LMP

Rene specializes in an eclectic fusion of disciplines, particularly blending Swedish and Esalen style with Acupressure and Connective Tissue techniques, and incorporating a lovely blend of spa treatments such as Thermal and Aromatherapy.  With over ten years experience in therapeutic massage, Rene practices in a comfortable clinical setting in Everett WA, while also offering Mobile Massage to most areas between Seattle and Bellingham.

Saint Andrew’s House on Hood Canal

Saint Andrew’s House offers more than an idyllic setting. The warmth, care and hospitality of our hosts shines through in every interaction. Chef-prepared meals delight, and special plates are prepared for those with dietary restrictions.

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Tour of Saint Andrew’s House

Look at this great tour! I don’t know the “Nomadic Fanatic,” but, WOW!

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