(Katherine) completely changed the way I saw my own story — Katie Andrews

$7 Mini-Workshops

One focused hour that can transform your book.
Note: These sessions have already run live. For a limited time, you can still purchase access to the recorded workshop with its accompanying handouts.
Bird’s-Eye View: Power Plotting

How can you know you have a story and not just an idea? What are the three words that drive your story? What are the five milestones that will take you from beginning to end before you even start? (Or even if you started long ago!) This quickie online workshop with Katherine will pack your plot with power. 

Bird’s-Eye View: Worthy Characters

How can you know if your characters are worthy of your story?  Because they have earned the right to be there. In this online workshop with Katherine, learn three “test questions” you can ask your hero (and their friends and foes), and what to do if they fail. 

Bird’s-Eye View: “Show” like a Pro

When you want to plunge your reader into the action of your story, what is the best way to “show, not tell?” In this online workshop with Katherine, learn the six vital ingredients your scenes can’t do without. 

Bird’s-Eye View: Dialog “Don’ts,”

Want to write dialog that is stiff, contrived, and inauthentic? Probably not… In this online workshop with Katherine, learn what *not* to do so that you can spot it, fix it, and come back with dialog that sparkles. 

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