WIP Smart

Wednesdays, 2:00-4:00, May 9-June 13, Notewordies, Kirkland

Writing begins as a solitary endeavor, but then you need the support of other writers.

WIP Smart is a master class designed for writers who are well into a novel, memoir, or short story collection, or who have a completed draft ready for revision. This class requires a serious commitment to your project, as well as to the work of your fellow writers. Each week, you will submit ten pages of the manuscript for the others to critique before the next session. Your submission is due three days before each week’s class (e.g. a Sunday deadline for a Wednesday class) and you are expected to read the submissions of your colleagues and provide written critique, which you will bring to class for discussion. Enrollment is limited to eight, and we may or may not critique each member during every session (this is up to class consensus, as well as the individual writer.)

WIP Smart is a great workout for your manuscript–the kind of facilitated, focused feedback you need to accelerate your project to the next level.