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Katherine Grace Bond has saved both me and my novel from certain doom. She has helped me tap into my own emotions and life experiences to bring both depth and beauty to my writing.  Her coaching has included everything from poetry to plot structure. There have been so many times I’ve wanted to quit and each of those times, Katherine was able to give me the jump start I needed to get going again. Her guidance has helped me take my novel to the next level. I look forward to each coaching session, knowing I will be both cheered on and challenged and that I’ll live to write another day.

–Rachel Beto

Do any of  these sound like you?

  • I want to submit my book; how can I tell if it’s ready?
  • I have so much material; how do I narrow it down?
  • I have all these stories; what do I do with them?
  • I want to write a memoir; where do I even begin?
  • I’m writing a ton, but I feel isolated. How do I get some perspective?
  • I miss writing; how do I get motivated?
  • I used to publish, but the whole publishing world has changed. How do I navigate?
  • Where is there someone who can give me some hope?

I’ve found, working with Katherine, a way to shine some light onto this mysterious, unknown path. She is there to guide you two more steps in. To reassure you as you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, bewildered and desperate. The journey is long, arduous, exciting, and all that your heart yearns for. It’s nice to have a companion.

–Mridula Bhatia

Ingredients for a Hope Infusion


Coaching gives you personal attention you can’t get in a class, allowing us to focus on your unique project.


Coaching provides accountability for your writing. I’ll give you specific, tailored assignments with built-in deadlines.


Coaching both demands and provides courage. It can be daunting to share your work, but you honor the work by doing so. I recognize this by giving you honest, balanced feedback.


No one said it was easy to write a book–and that may be the best reason to write one! You’re at your most vital when doing difficult things.


At the end of twelve months, you’ll have measurable outcomes based on your goals (e.g. a number of finished poems, a complete draft of your novel, a polished revision, a list of agents to query, a number of works submitted, a plan for self-publishing.)


I have been guiding writers to excellence–and to publication–for more than 30 years as a teacher, mentor, speaker, editor, author and coach, and I have over a hundred publication credits of my own, including seven books. My fiction, poetry and essays have appeared in 30+ anthologies and dozens of journals. My priority is helping you connect with your authentic voice and express it effectively. I can be tough, but I specialize in hope.

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