Enter In…
Labyrinth offers support, accountability, and craft-building
for writers working on a long project or body of work.

Do you have a novel or memoir burning inside you?
Maybe you feel like this:

  • Writing is my “real life,” but my daily responsibilities are nibbling away my time and money.
  • I’m stalled on my manuscript, unable to move forward.
  • I feel incomplete while my project languishes.
  • I’m losing hope that I’ll ever finish.
  • I see other writers confidently connecting with publishers and I wish that could be me.
  • Secretly, I wonder if I’m inadequate to the task.

I want to help you set your real life free
In the Labyrinth, you will:

  • Identify the true heart of your writing project so you can tell the story no one else can tell.
  • Create a workflow that shuts out distractions so you can deeply focus.
  • Become part of a writing community so you have companions and accountability on the journey.
  • Break your wordcraft into discrete elements so you can hone your intuitive skill and forge work that sings with your voice.
  • Develop a pathway for your project so you can write it all the way to the end.
  • Learn to read contemporary authors like an editor, so you can understand what makes a work publishable, and submit your own with confidence.


Imagine a dedicated group of fellow-writers who understand and face the challenges with you.
Imagine a teacher who listens deeply and gives you tools built from thirty years of experience.

Fall Labyrinth registration is now closed

(View the Labyrinth calendar.)
All offerings are via Zoom, so you can participate safely.
The program is offered at three levels:


  • Class: “Writing the Hidden Story” so that you can connect deeply with the heart of your work. (Four two-hour sessions.)
  • Class: “Making a Scene” so that you can discover the secret of attention-grabbing scenes and dialog. (Four two-hour sessions)
  • Membership in Katherine’s Most Excellent Writing Community Forum, so you have companions and accountability on the journey.








ClassesOnline Writers' ForumWriting Day RetreatGroup Coaching

Scale Up Your Skills

Eight Sessions. Wednesdays, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM (PST). All classes are recorded.

Writing the Hidden Story
Your characters live and breathe because of a hidden story—one you must go deep within to find. A work of fiction (or creative nonfiction) that is disconnected from you is nothing more than a clever word exercise. Mine your own hero’s journey so that you can discover the story you didn’t know you were writing.

Making a Scene
Now that you know your hidden story, unveil the secrets of attention-grabbing scenes and dialog. Learn how to “cut the boring bits” by writing tight, connecting each scene element to the thematic core. We’ll also use the elements to indulge in some literary silliness.

Shall we talk?

The forum includes:

  • “Class Discussion” For class videos, homework and ongoing conversation
  • “Tips of the Trade” for writing advice
  • “Serious Business” for professional how-to
  • “The Workshop” for sharing and feedback
  • “The Writer’s Scrapbook” for inspiration
  • “Nanowrimo” for November and beyond!
  • …and more!

Restore your vision

Saturday, November 7 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM (PST)

The Art of the Finish

How do you find your final scene, so you can write toward it, regardless of where you are in your project? Uncovering this scene and what it means can save you from years of rabbit trails—even if the scene changes by the time you get there.

An all-day intensive, so that you can give your writing the time it deserves, our virtual retreat is not completely virtual. When you mindfully walk through the physical world, you open creative doors you cannot access sitting in a chair. That’s why you’ll venture outside to complete “missions” for your book.

After our interactive workshop, we break for lunch around 1:00, then return to spend significant time writing, followed by sharing and feedback.


Set your goal and prepare for accountability.

Eight Sessions. Tuesdays, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM (PST)

Writing a book is like finding the evasive heart of the labyrinth. You weave until you’re so close, and then the path sends you off on more zig-zags. But each glimpse at the center re-invigorates the story. In Spotlight you can read and receive feedback on your work, or you can use your turn to brainstorm, solve a plot problem, or puzzle out a character conundrum.