Enter In…
Labyrinth offers support, accountability, and craft-building
for writers working on a long project or body of work.

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Do you have a novel or memoir burning inside you?
Maybe you feel like this:  

  • Writing is my “real life,” but my daily responsibilities are nibbling away my time and money.
  • I’m stalled on my manuscript, unable to move forward.
  • I feel incomplete while my project languishes.
  • I’m losing hope that I’ll ever finish.
  • I see other writers confidently connecting with publishers and I wish that could be me.
  • Secretly, I wonder if I’m inadequate to the task.

I want to help you set your real life free
In the Labyrinth, you will:  

  • Identify the true heart of your writing project so you can tell the story no one else can tell.
  • Create a workflow that shuts out distractions so you can deeply focus.
  • Become part of a writing community so you have companions and accountability on the journey.
  • Break your wordcraft into discrete elements so you can hone your intuitive skill and forge work that sings with your voice.
  • Develop a pathway for your project so you can write it all the way to the end.
  • Learn to read contemporary authors like an editor, so you can understand what makes a work publishable, and submit your own with confidence.


Imagine a dedicated group of fellow-writers who understand and face the challenges with you.
Imagine a teacher who listens deeply and gives you tools built from thirty years of experience.