When you take a class with Katherine Bond it isn’t long before everyone there starts to feel a little like family. Samantha Mueller

Katherine Bond is a remarkable teacher, mentor and coach. She has high technical skills plus a strong intuitive sense of effective writing. She has the ability to touch the exact spot in one’s writing that, when revised, brings the piece to life. Tina Blondino

Without (Katherine’s) unfailing enthusiasm, her consistently helpful guidance, and her genuine interest in my story, I would not be as far along in my writing as I am today. Every single session with her has been productive—and each one is unique. I leave feeling more focused, excited and optimistic about my story and my progress. In short, she helps me believe that I am a Writer. Adrienne Spangler

Katherine’s sessions were thought-provoking and delved deep into the good stuff, helping me find ways to expand the complexity of my novel. The exercises she gave us…completely changed the way I saw my own story and characters. Katie Grace Andrews

Being in those classes has opened up previously unknown and unthought of possibilities about writing. I’ve watched you teach and I’ve watched your people respond and, in turn, give and respond to each other. I could never imagine I’d be able to see such a guide as you are. It is an exquisite way of teaching. Bernice Gordon

Katherine Grace Bond has saved both me and my novel from certain doom. She has helped me tap into my own emotions and life experiences to bring both depth and beauty to my writing. Her coaching has included everything from poetry to plot structure. There have been so many times I’ve wanted to quit and each of those times, Katherine was able to give me the jump start I needed to get going again. Her guidance has helped me take my novel to the next level. I look forward to each coaching session, knowing I will be both cheered on and challenged and that I’ll live to write another day. Rachel Beto