…life-changing and inspiring…

I found myself in a wonderful community of fellow writers who welcomed me and saw me as someone with a story to tell. –Katie Andrews

Katherine…opened the floodgates and turned writing from a chore into a delight. —Mercury Herlan

Because of Katherine, it has never been about finding those like you in order to fit in; it has ever been about accepting others and yourself, and finding joy in that acceptance. –Mirinda Stillion

I am just so thankful to you that you put in the time and hard work to make it happen, because I know that for myself and everyone else who went, it was life-changing and inspiring. –Renee Chaffin

Classes for Adults   Pursue your writing dream in an encouraging, supportive community!

Classes for Teens   Find your creative tribe!

Retreats   Hone your craft in a relaxing location with expert instruction!

Author Visits  Bring hands-on workshops to your school or organization!


Peek in on one of Katherine’s workshops: 




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