Anna laughing

Last night, while the Advanced Fiction Writers were engrossed in serious literary discussion in a fine eating establishment, we noticed that one of the waiters was spending a lot of time in our section of the dining room. “Well, yes,” he admitted. “I think this is the most fun I’ve had working in a long time.”

Witness THE POWER OF FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE. We were, at that very moment, creating new similes and metaphors! These were similes and metaphors that had never before existed!  (It may have also been Anna’s Gollum imitation.)


Session B of Advanced Fiction Writing begins March 3. I invite you to apply. Students are saying it’s great to be with other writers who hold them accountable for making progress on their book. They also like it that I do a full manuscript critique–something I don’t do in my other classes. Apply right away. The window of time is quite small.

TEENWrite: Advanced Fiction Writing,

Tuesdays, March 3-April 7 (Session B). Teens and college-age, limited enrollment, apply with a writing sample.

And coming up…Bellevue College Classes
(North Campus)

YA Novel Writing: Captivating the Teen Reader
Mondays beginning April 13

Geek Fiction Writing
Tuesdays beginning April 14

Scene Weaving
Thursdays beginning April 16

Young Writers’ Workshop
Spring Break: April 6-8

Essay Writing for Teens: College Application
Spring Break: April 6-8




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