“Hotchkin” because I grew up a Hotchkin and that’s when I began writing. “Bond” because it was given to me by the wonderful man I married, who is my most splendid encourager, and the reason I am able to keep writing.



Hotchkin-Bond Award for Creative Excellence

This award is given to a high school student who has attended Teen Write, an acting/writing camp founded by Katherine Grace Bond. The award consists of:
· A full scholarship to the following year’s Teen Write
· A critique by Katherine Grace Bond of the winning manuscript
· A letter of recommendation to be used for college applications

Criteria· A story of 2000-3000 words with a viewpoint character created and embodied by the writer at Teen Write.
· This story must follow the Hero’s Journey structure and incorporate characters created and embodied by fellow Teen Writers.
· The writer must use scenes created and experienced at Teen Write, being open to the element of chance inherent in the Teen Write cards.
· Additional scenes and information created by the writer are permitted, as is elimination or change in scenes or circumstances originated at Teen Write.
· The story should be written in a way that can be enjoyed and understood by a reader who did not attend Teen Write.
· The manuscript should be double-spaced, with a standard 12-point font. Author’s name, address, phone number and email address (single-spaced) should appear in the top left corner, with word count in the top right-hand corner. Each page after page 1 should contain a header including author’s last name, story title and page number.

Deadline for 2012 Award is November 2, 2011

Mail to:
Teen Write
c/o Dawn Pontious
22721 87th Ave. SE
Woodinville, WA 98077

Attn: Hotchkin-Bond Award

Announcing the Hotchkin-Bond Award for Creative Excellence