Call & Response Flyer

Saturday, March 27 9:30-4:00 in Monroe, $25!

I’m so excited about this!!!

Many of you have asked me about writing workshops for adults. Unfortunately I have less and less time to teach, due to current writing commitments. (Did I mention I have an agent? I have an agent! Just in case you missed that…) So what did I do? I enlisted five friends, who ALSO have pressing creative deadlines, to teach an all-day workshop! It’s rare that most of these gals get out to teach anymore, so you are witnessing a miracle. WHY am I doing this? Because One A-Chord Academy of Music has been such a blessing in the life of my son. This program gives music lessons to teens, regardless of their ability to pay. I want to say thank-you, and enable many more kids to be similarly blessed. Why are my friends doing this? Well… because they love me!

Who: Janet Lee Carey, Margaret D. Smith, Molly Blaisdell, Katherine Grace Bond, Heidi Pettit, Dawn Knight
What: Sessions in Fiction Writing, Journaling, Songwriting, Writing for Children, Writing Your Life, and Creative Process Groups
Where: Monroe Community Chapel, 23515 Old Owen Road, Monroe, WA 98272
When: Saturday, March 27 9:30-4:00
How Much: $25 (Additional donations welcome. Checks payable to Monroe Community Chapel)

To Register: robinh (at)

Here’s an article about One A-Chord in the Monroe Monitor. Scroll down to “School of Shrock”

Call & Response: An All-Day Event for Writers & Dreamers