Frantic. That’s how I used to feel all the time. Like there was no room to breathe. Anyone who’s known me for years will tell you that balance was a struggle for me. Sometimes it still is. I’ve searched hard for equilibrium, and I’m still a work in progress, but I do feel a lot more peaceful these days.

One thing that has helped me is the work of Michael Hyatt, with whom I am now an affiliate. I just took his Lifescore Assessment and it was really eye-opening.

I was not surprised to see that “Finances” are an area I need to zero in on, but I was surprised that one of my low areas is “Avocation.” Writing’s not a hobby for me, and I give it plenty of time. But singing? Playing the violin? I miss those things, so I’m going to have a look at that.

For a limited time, the Lifescore Assessment is available for free.

Why don’t you give it a try and then leave a comment about what you discovered?

It takes less than 10 minutes (it took me 3-5)

All you do is quickly rate yourself in each of
life’s major domains.

You read a series of statements that describe
specific situations and pick the one that most
closely aligns with where you perceive yourself to
be. Then you give yourself a numeric score.

The tool then calculates your score in each
domain, adds them together, and gives you an
overall LifeScore.™


P.S. Go take the assessment now while it’s still
free.  You’ll appreciate the clarity you get


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