Here we will post the many stories, ridiculous and sublime, that have emerged from our adventures. Who still has their stories from Teen Writes I, II, III, IV, V, and VI? I can remember a few:

  • A certain Lord Rothschild (I think) who seemed to be geographically and historically confused, was discovered to have beamed up to his alien ship and regenerated after being cut down by the sword of a pirate whose name I do not remember. He was in search of a toaster so he could study earth life.
  • A ghost accidentally discovered an urn of her own ashes, which caused her to come back to life. Unfortunately, she was happier as a ghost and spent the rest of her journey trying to throw herself into the fire.
  • A female warlock collected pixie dust from a robot.
  • A number of people went in search of someone called Will McNaughton.
  • A game designer became trapped in her own game while troubleshooting.
  • Two characters flew away on the back of a dragon.

When I have time I’ll post my “Celeste” story from TW IV at the Carnation Tree Farm. It’s a doozy!

I’d better get back to revising the game cards. We’ve got all new locations, including some with spectacular views and great dramatic possibilities. Can’t wait for Monday

Let the Stories Begin!