I’ve been brainstorming all day and I think I’ve almost got it. Of course, I still have to check with facilities rental, so I’m probably jumping the gun. BUT I think you should get this on your calendars. I’ll fill you in on more details as soon as I’ve got ’em. Marshall the troupes, we’re going to act and write!

TW Workshops

Summon Your Character

Monday February 16, President’s Day 10-5 (Carnation) $50

Get a jump start on your Teen Write character! Come to this one-day workshop for a time of frivolity and creation. Bring six items that can help lure your character out from your imagination. These could be props, clothing, pictures, music or ??? Katherine will have games and prompts to get you going, and there will be time for just hanging out with your fellow Teen Writers.


Dangerous Liaisons: Dynamics of Scene

Friday-Saturday April 24-25 5:00 Friday – 5:00 Saturday (Carnation)$85

Go to the Gates of Hideous Death and find 17 objects wrapped in cloth, plus four other characters who have their own ideas about who you are, who they are, and how this story is supposed to progress. Your life is about to change. Is it ever…

If you’re a veteran Teen Writer, this will look awfully familiar. How do you coordinate multiple characters and storylines into a single impromptu scene without being ready to use that sword on someone? This overnight workshop will focus on the dynamics of character cooperation in the unique form of improv that is Teen Write. Hang time included.


Teen Write Scouting Trip (TW Veterans ONLY)

Saturday, July 18 FREE (Bring ferry fare, gas money if carpooling and a sack lunch.)


If you have been on a Teen Write before, we need your help. Travel to Fort Worden and help us scout out new scene locations, revise the cards and brainstorm. This is the time for photo ops as well. And maybe we’ll shoot a TW video to let others know what we’re all about.


Teen Write !!!

Monday, August 3-Wednesday, August 5 $250


If you love to act, this is for you.

If you love to write, this is for you.

If you’ve done one, but never tried the other, are you ready for an adventure?

You will spend 3 days and 2 nights at Fort Worden embarking on the hero’s journey.

You will become your character for the entire three days (costumes encouraged).

You’ll be given written instructions that tell you where to find hidden objects or other characters who will help you on your journey. Only this is live. This is not like any role playing you’ve ever done before!

You and the other writers will live in parallel universes. Perhaps for you, it’s 1587 in Scotland. For someone else, it may be 2526 on a planet similar to Earth. Perhaps someone kills you in their story; in yours, you may just beam up to your ship.

At each stage of your journey, you will write the next part of your story.

On Day 3, you will hear how everyone’s journey went — and how you were a part of their stories

Who’s coming? LMK