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I list these to educate and enlighten: Don’t be that guy.

1) “You should find something else to supplement that–like math!”–Submitted by Sydney

2) “Oh, I would like to read that!” *never does*–Submitted by Emily

3) “Oh! That sounds just like (insert famous story/movie by other author)!”–Submitted by Robbie

4) “Empire State Building should be capitalized. And ‘cat’s’ is a possessive, not a plural. What on earth are they teaching you in school?”

I’m dyslexic. And in school you always seem to get marks for punctuation and not imagination.–Charlotte

5) “Are you getting published?”

That actually annoys me. Just cos I write doesn’t mean I want to throw my words out there for anyone to read.–Kelsey

6) “Oh, that’s nice; you like to write. Do you write from your imagination? … Magic! Do you write about fairies and unicorns and princesses?”
“No, I write epic battles between dragons and bloodmages who can squeeze the life out of their opponent with a wave of their hand. It’s quite interesting, really.”
“How fun! Do the dragons sparkle?”

Kill me now.Lauren

TEENWrite Teenage Novelist Day Camp

If you are a teen who takes your writing seriously, you may want to join us at Uppercase Bookshop in Snohomish for one of three TEENWrite Teenage Novelist day camps in July.

Session 1 What’s the Big Idea?: From Idea to Storyline M-F July 15-19 9-11 AM REGISTER

Session 2 Plotting and Scheming: Plan Your Novel from Start to Finish July 22-26 4-6 PM REGISTER

Session 3 Talking to Your Characters: Create Characters so Authentic, They’ll Talk Back! July 29-August 2 4-6 PM REGISTER

(Sessions may be taken independently of each other.)

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Six Annoying Statements Adults Make to Teen Writers