Epicwrite--From the Ashes

At EpicWrite, you come as a character you create and follow the Hero’s Journey in a giant outdoor role-playing game. After each stage of the journey, you stop and write what happened to you. At the end, everyone has a story—you are in their stories and they are in yours.
EpicWrite: From the Ashes – How does a protagonist recover after everything has been completely destroyed? How do they get back up when their world is turned upside-down?


Epicwrite director Aaron Bond says:

“We are back in full force!
Summer EpicWrite will be called “From the Ashes” and will take place at Camp Ramblewood at Sequim Bay State Park! Our dates are August 10th-13th starting at 3PM on the 10th.”

Mists of Enigma
We will not be able to provide transportation to this event, you will likely have to take the ferry.

OUR BOFFING REGULATIONS HAVE CHANGED: You MUST read our new regulations (http://epicwrite.org/boffing/) if you want to bring a Boffer or wish to participate in any Boffing.
BE SURE TO REGISTER (http://epicwrite.org/register/), you WILL NOT be able to register any later than TWO WEEKS before this event!”


Summer EpicWrite

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