With the phenomenon of Yodel-Activated books sweeping the country, booksellers have a hard time keeping up. The books, now a standard feature on Nook and Kindle, respond to the voice’s “break point,” so that each user gets a unique reading experience.”You use your break point to set up the beginning,” explains Lani Travers of BreakPointBooks. “Then, depending on the range of your yodeling, you can generate multiple stories, which you can read on your reader. Someone with really good technique may generate complex literary fiction.”

Reports show YA sales, along with Children’s books, up 21% in 2014. And a study conducted in 2012 indicated that 55% of YA books are read by adults.

Needless to say, the new technology has been a windfall for yodeling teachers. “I just can’t believe it,” says Jackie Tasket, Dean of the University of Kentucky’s yodeling program. “I’ve had a hundred and eighty applicants for our Yodeling MFA this week alone.”

That’s a whole lot of Yodel-ay-ee-hoo!


Yodel-Activated Book Sales on the Rise